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Help With ~ RefWorks: Move from Legacy to New RefWorks

Moving from Legacy to New RefWorks

Upgrading to the New RefWorks
This document outlines the features available in the new and legacy versions, what you need to do before updating, and how to update documents created in the legacy version.

How do I get my legacy records into my new RefWorks account?
Follow the steps outlined here.

Is legacy RefWorks being shut off?
There is no scheduled date for shutting off legacy RefWorks. Although Ex Libris continues to maintain legacy RefWorks, all institutions and users are being encouraged to upgrade to RefWorks.

Things To Consider Before Migrating

Things to Consider before Migrating from Legacy to New RefWorks

We do not recommend that anyone change versions if they are working on a deadline for a thesis, publication, or dissertation. The best time to migrate is after a project is completed, or when you have ample time to make the migration and learn the new version.

Research Papers
For any new papers you begin, start using New RefWorks. Documents created in legacy RefWorks can be upgraded to be compatible with New RefWorks. Always save a copy of your older documents before upgrading them. Follow these instructions to upgrade documents from Legacy to New RefWorks.

If you previously shared folders with others, you will need to set up new sharing permissions in your New RefWorks account. You can share references, folders and projects with other RefWorks users at Hamilton.

Multiple Accounts
The New RefWorks has replaced multiple accounts with Projects. Follow these steps to migrate multiple accounts (and their records) into one account, and then into separate Projects.

  1. Create your New RefWorks account.
  2. Export your references from each Legacy RefWorks account. Give each exported file a unique filename and save to your computer.
  3. Upload each file into your New RefWorks account. Click on Add, then Import References. Then select a file from your computer. Each file should go into a different Project.

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