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Course Guide ~ LIT 218 / Literatures of Witness

Witness literature is testimonial by individuals who have suffered injustice incurred not as a result of what they have done but of what they are, as in Holocaust and slave narrative. This course studied this literature and asked how its definition might be adapted to an era that has seen wide growth in systems of police action. The course explored classic witness texts, work by political prisoners and by "common criminals": writers who have been convicted for violations of law but also challenge collectively experienced limits on life opportunities, such as those imposed by race, class, and/or gender.

Below are links to five group projects by students in the course that explore the literatures of witness.

Group 1: Title
Alexander Cook, Kavya Crasta, Allie Duggan, Heather Tomkowicz, Gabriella Troya

Group 2: Title
Tatenda Chakoma, Audrey Darnis, Lauren Hoddart, William Kaback, Emmy Murtagh, Lauren Stoddart

Group 3: Title
Kyndal Burdin, Jonina Mignon, Gabriel Moss, Audrey Stein, Sackett Terry

Group 4: Title
Hannah Lease, Catherine Mann, Graham Paull, Kyra Richardson, Deirdre Schutzman

Group 5: Title
Zachary Ball, Amelia Boyd, Lily Capstick, Haley Katz, Phinix Knight-Jacks, Matthew Tom

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