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Subject Guide ~ Environmental Studies

Research Starting Points

Have a plan when conducting research:

Ask questions.

  • Think of questions about your topic, and search in databases.
  • After reading articles, think about what interests you.  Ask new questions, and look for more information.

Find the starting point:

  • OneSearch- Searches books, articles, audio and video files, images, government documents, and more. All Searches
  • Academic Search Premier - Indexes journals across disciplines.   General Searches 
  • Subject Guides - See We Suggest sections for discipline-specific databases.   Advanced Searches 
  • How Do I Find... - News sources, images, statistics, primary sources, and more.   Targeted Searches 

Keep searches simple.

  • Start with a keyword search
  • Enter no more than two or three words connected by the word AND
  • Focus your search by using subject headings

Refine your search.

  • Repeat your search after reading some of the information gathered in the previous step
  • Mine the bibliographies of articles on your topic for additional sources

Get help.

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