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Help With ~ Large Format Posters

Large Format Posters

The Basics

Many Hamilton students come to us to print posters: virtually every science major for their senior thesis, students doing summer research in a variety of disciplines, even some courses in government, English, Africana studies and more. What does it take to design a good poster? Once you have the design, how do you implement? More specifically, what process do we support at Hamilton? Read on to find out!

LFPs at Hamilton


Students can use Photoshop or PowerPoint to create LFPs. Photoshop has some helpful tools for manipulating images, but most people don’t really know how to use this particular software, so PowerPoint is probably the easiest, most popular way to go about creating LFPs. Some professors assigning posters provide their students with the Resource Center document on LFP creation in PowerPoint, but many people making posters (e.g for summer research) have never seen it.

A poster can be created on either a Mac or Windows computer; however, the final proofing and printing are done with a Mac machine. Be aware that there are some incompatibilities between the Mac and Windows PowerPoint versions.


Proofing and Printing

Requesting appointments for proofing and printing posters is done through this online form.

Printing appointments should be submitted at LEAST one full week in advance of presentation date. Last minute requests or walk-ins are accepted if and only if there is availability. Often during the last few weeks of school, many classes are printing simultaneously and there are no appointment slots available on short notice.

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