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Information Fluency & Research Skills: Digital Interactive Learning

Interactive tutorials supporting information fluency and research skills, available to students at any time.

Digital Interactive Learning

Digital Tools for Information Fluency & Research Skill Development

Interactive online tutorials enhance student learning and development of information fluency.  These short tutorials can be used to support individual course assignments, or broad subject overviews.  

Topic Selection

This tutorial explains how to take a broad topic and narrow it down to something manageable for your research. It explains how to do this with a concept map, research pyramid, and brainstorm cloud.
Approximate Time: 6 - 8 minutes
Leads: Glynis Asu (Hamilton College), Jesi Buell & Debbie Krahmer (Colgate University), Lindsay Bush (Union College), Paul Doty (St. Lawrence University), and Johanna MacKay & Barbara Norelli (Skidmore College).

Why Cite? ~ How to Cite

This tutorial, based on information provided by the Hamilton College Writing Center, explains the philosophy of attribution, the anatomy of a citation, how to paraphrase and cite borrowed ideas and common knowledge, and how to cite using popular styles (APA, MLA and Chicago).
Approximate Time: 7 - 10 minutes 
Leads: Glynis Asu (Hamilton College), and Beth Hoppe (Union College).

Citing Beyond the Book

This tutorial will teach you how to cite social media, data, and special collections materials in MLA or APA formats.
Approximate time: 7 - 10 minutes
Leads: Glynis Asu (Hamilton College), Lindsay Bush (Union College), Paul Doty (St. Lawrence University), Debbie Krahmer (Colgate University), and Johanna MacKay & Barbara Norelli (Skidmore College).

Build an Annotated Bibliography

This tutorial describes the different parts of an annotated bibliography, explains how to write an effective annotation, and allows users the opportunity to create their own annotations for sources.
Approximate Time: 6 - 8 minutes 
Leads: Glynis Asu (Hamilton College), Jesi Buell (Colgate University), Yvette Cortes, Johanna MacKay & Barbara Norellii (Skidmore College), and Paul Doty (St. Lawrence University).

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