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Course Guide ~ PSYCH 101 / Intro to Psychology: Research Databases

Research Databases

Articles - Science

Boolean Searching

Combine Search Terms with Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT


General & News Sources

Opposing Viewpoints - Balance Your Topic

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

APA Citation Style

Citing Sources in APA 7th

Research Starting Points

Research Starting Points

Have a plan when conducting research:

Ask questions.

  • Think of questions about your topic, and search in databases.
  • After reading articles, think about what interests you.  Ask new questions, and look for more information.

Find the starting point:

  • Library Catalog - Searches books, articles, audio and video files, images, government documents, and more. All Searches
  • Academic Search Premier - Indexes journals across disciplines.   General Searches 
  • Subject Guides - See We Suggest sections for discipline-specific databases.   Advanced Searches 
  • How Do I Find... - News sources, images, statistics, primary sources, and more.   Targeted Searches 

Keep searches simple.

  • Start with a keyword search
  • Enter no more than two or three words connected by the word AND
  • Focus your search by using subject headings

Refine your search.

  • Repeat your search after reading some of the information gathered in the previous step
  • Mine the bibliographies of articles on your topic for additional sources

Get help.

Request an Appointment

Book an Appointment

For your debate topic or for your final presentations, individualized appointments are available.

Please bring articles you have located to the appointment.

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