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Help With ~ Creating Instructional Videos

Delivery and Storage

Once you’ve created a video you need to consider how people will access it. While many might point their viewers to Blackboard to watch their videos, you shouldn’t upload them to Blackboard. Video files can be very large and just a couple of videos can potentially max out your Blackboard quota. 

Some services, like Zoom or Panopto, have cloud storage built-in, but you should consider other options as they might grant you additional benefits.

Google Drive

  • Everyone at Hamilton College has a Google account with unlimited storage.
  • Permissions can be set to control who can view and download the video. 
  • Organize your video files in folders and subfolders like any other document in Google Drive.
  • Works with your personal Hamilton Drive or a Google Shared drive.
  • Easy to embed and share a video.


  • Everyone at Hamilton College has a YouTube account associated with their Google account.
  • Create playlists to organize videos, e.g. by class, process, etc.
  • Manage who can see a video with three options:
    • Public - searchable and viewable by the world
    • Unlisted - not searchable within YouTube; must share link to video, but that link can be shared by anyone who has the link. 
    • Private - not searchable and you must invite viewers to see it; they can not share the link.
  • Closed captions are auto-generated.
  • Easy to embed and share a video in Blackboard, etc.
  • Viewers can leave comments, or comments can be disabled.
  • Create a table of contents.
  • Not easy for others to download.
  • Advertisements can be an issue.


  • Videos created in Panopto can be automatically uploaded to the cloud. 
  • Allows uploading of videos not created in Panopto.
  • Can automatically generate closed captions.
  • Ability to create quizzes to check knowledge throughout the video.
  • Create a table of contents.
  • Can require a Hamilton login to view.

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