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Help With ~ Creating Instructional Videos

Best Practices


Watching a talking head for an hour can be tiring regardless of how engaging the subject. If possible, consider “chunking” your videos into shorter, more digestible segments. Additionally some delivery platforms like YouTube and Panopto allow creation of chapter markers making it easier for your viewer to find the content they’re looking for.  



Time is precious. Consider a short and sweet opener that provides a road map of what will be covered in your video.


Meaningful Titles

Labeling your video “Week 3” isn’t helpful. Titles should make it easy for your viewer to know what the video contains. A series of short videos with meaningful titles also allows self-directed exploration by students.


Visuals with the Narrative

Photos, maps, diagrams, and whiteboards are just a few types of media that can support student learning. Consider adding additional media to your videos to provide a more dynamic learning experience.


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