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How do I find ~ Assistive Technology Resources

Screen Magnifiers

Burke Library public computers

Screen magnifying enlarges text and graphics on a computer screen, functioning similarly to a magnifying glass moving over a page, following the cursor, and magnifying the area around it. Using a mouse or keyboard commands, users position the cursor on the section of the screen they want magnified or have the cursor move automatically across and down a magnified page at a preset speed. The magnified area may also be emphasized with color and shading, so that users who lose their place on screen may easily locate a magnified area. 

There is screen magnification software on all computers in Burke Library. 

Operating Systems

On Mac and Windows operating systems, there are numerous ways that you can enable accessibility features and use different applications to enhance your learning experience. These features are built in to Mac and Windows systems or require free app downloads. There are some features that are on both, and some that are not. So, you can decide which operating system to choose based on that or your preference as a Mac or Windows user.

Macintosh Computers

The page contains a lot of information on the accessibility features that Apple provides on their products, including Mac computers.In this section, we’ll focus on computers, but definitely follow the link to learn how you could customize other devices. The main subcategories Apple has identified and organized their resources under are vision, hearing, physical and motor skills, in addition to learning and literacy. While the previous link for Mac computers is good for knowing what accessibility options Apple provides, the following link is great because it provides more specific details and guiding images for you to know how to actually enable those features. Click here It is divided into these sections and subsections.



Closed Captioning

Visual and Color Accessibility Options

Keyboard accessibility options


Windows Computers

Interested in learning more about Windows’ commitment to accessibility? Click here to explore! This page has a range of different resources and we’ve highlighted some that we recommend and believe will be most useful. The main subcategories are centered around vision, hearing, and mobility.


Hearing and Speech


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